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  • Eligibility to Participate in the 6th Grade Field Trip to Medieval Times

    Posted by Webmaster at 1/23/2015
    To participate in the field trip, students must have:
    • No more than two detentions in the 4th nine weeks
    • No more than one Wednesday School in the 4th nine weeks
    • No more than one In School Suspension (ISS) in the 4th nine weeks
    • Additionally, students cannot have been issued an Out of School Suspension (OSS) within 45 days leading up to the trip, starting on March 11th through May 21st, regardless of the grading period beginning or end
    • No outstanding fines
    Students who become ineligible may receive a refund on their ticket price to Medieval Times, however, due to bus reservations, transportation cost cannot be refunded.
    Medieval Times
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  • FSA Information for Families

    Posted by Webmaster at 1/23/2015
    FSA Information for Families
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  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Essay Contest

    Posted by Webmaster at 1/22/2015
    For the third year in a row, Gray Middle School has won Lake County’s traveling trophy for the most participants in the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. essay contest. Each year, in honor of Dr. King, Lake County conducts an essay contest in which students write about individuals who are continuing Dr. King’s legacy. This year’s writing theme was “Embracing the Dream” and through their writing, students were to address the efforts men and women have made to help create fairness, equality and opportunities for all people. In the Language Arts classes in each grade level, students received an overview of Dr. King, his contributions to society, and worked together to develop ideas of people from modern day that continue to support his dream of equality and fairness. Once students had an idea of who they should write about, teachers worked with the students to plan, write and revise an essay before sending it to the county judges. This year, Gray Middle School had over 750 students participate; 19 of which were semifinalist and recognized at an award ceremony on Friday, January 16th. Each of the 750 students that participated will receive a certificate in recognition of their hard work.
    The Language Arts department is very proud of each and every student here at Gray Middle School and see this accomplishment as just one of the many steps we are taking towards moving Gray from good to great.
    MLK Winners
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  • Celebrate Literacy Week January 26-30

    Posted by Webmaster at 1/21/2015
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  • Gray Middle School Science Fair

    Posted by Webmaster at 1/20/2015

    Thank you to everyone who helped make our Science Fair a success! We had 224 projects displayed from students and groups, with more than 300 participants! The students tested natural water filters, how music influences memory, and what airplane design flies farthest! We were so glad to see so many parents and families come out to acknowledge our student’s hard work.  The Science Fair is the ultimate answer to that age old question “Why am I learning this?”. Our students used the methods they are learning in their science classes to ask questions, test their hypotheses, record observations and data, and come to their own conclusions.  We know these investigations will lead to more questions and more learning – helping us to accomplish our goals in the science department.

    Science Fair

    We congratulate all of the participants for striving for excellence in science! We especially congratulate the winners in our categories:

    Physical Science

    1.  Elizabeth Franklin

    2.  Michael Berger, Julia Mausser

    3.  Alice Flynn, Donovan Maynard

    4.  Colton Giarrano, Charles Buchanan


    Life Science

    1.  Bailey Fernandez, Hailey Boyd

    2.  Rileigh McCue

    3.  Alex Bedford

    4.  Alexander Valentine


    Social Science

    1.  Jenna Mason

    2.  Jessica Gushleffe

    3.  Melina Mercado


    Earth Science

    1.  Luis Francisco, David Dalia

    2.  Haley Foro

    3.  Krista Crawford, James Dahl, Justin Champion, Marquevis Collins


    Riley Ditlefsen was awarded the Lake Soil and Conservation District award for the “ Best Agriculture or Natural Resources Project.”

    Many of these students will move on to the Lake Regional Science and Engineering Fair to represent Gray Middle School.

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  • Exam Schedule and Early Release January 13, 14, 15

    Posted by Webmaster at 1/6/2015
    Please read and follow the first semester exam schedule and early release procedures.  Your child will receive a copy of the form during 6th period on Wednesday, January 7th.
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  • 2015-2016 Student Calendar Vote

    Posted by Webmaster at 1/6/2015

    Two student calendar options for next school year are now posted to the district website for voting.  The online voting will continue through Tuesday, January 13.  The student calendar will be presented to the School Board for approval on January 26. Parents can voice their preference for the 2015-2016 student calendar through the online voting option. The link for the calendar vote is below.


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  • Headphones for Testing

    Posted by Webmaster at 12/16/2014
    Headphones will be required for the Florida Standards Assessments. You will be able to bring in your own headphones for the test. About a week before testing, we will ask anyone planning on using their own headphones to bring them in so we can make sure they work with our computers.

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  • Florida Standards Assessment Portal

    Posted by Webmaster at 12/1/2014
    Practice tests and resources for the new Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) can be found on the following website:  Students can practice as many times as they would like under Training Tests.
    The practice tests are available for Writing, Language Arts, and Math.
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  • Yearbook Order Form

    Posted by Webmaster at 11/12/2014
    It's that time of the year to order your Yearbook!  Yearbooks are on sale for $32 and can be ordered online through the following link with the Yearbook ID Code: 9983015.  The deadline to order is December 19th.  Make sure to get yours ordered soon!
    You may also print and send in the order form here: Yearbook Order Form 14-15 
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