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Meiko Dishwashers with Unisource Marketing Donate Commercial Dishwasher to Lake Hills School for Student Vocational Training


October 23, 2014

School Board Member, Bill Mathias coordinated the generous donation of a commercial dishwasher to the Lake Hills School Vocational Program.  Through the collaborative efforts of Jenni Coon, the regional sales manager for Meiko Dishwashers and Chip Constantini with Unisource Marketing they donated a Meiko CS70 commercial dishwasher. Chip Constantini and Bill Mathias provided training to our vocational students on how to operate the dishwasher. This new equipment provides our vocational students the ability to gain experience while promoting employment opportunities in the community. Lake Hills School is very grateful to Mr. Mathias for his continued support of the students at Lake Hills School.


Pictured above from left to right: Robin Meyers, School Principal; Chip Constantini, Unisource Marketing, Brandon Encarnacion, student; Bill Mathias, School Board Member; Hanna Alescie, Student; Christian McLaughlin, student; Susan Vucic, teacher; Connie Kissee, teacher; Rob Lerner, teacher.

Bill Mathias, School Board Member




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