The benefits of helping a teacher in or out of a classroom setting can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your lifetime. Our community will help shape the future of our schools and we always appreciate a helping hand with the work that takes
place day-to-day with our teachers and schools.
Our volunteer scheduling system offers a variety of
tasks for volunteers, including: field trips, classroom support, fundraisers, events and much more.     


Why Do I Volunteer?
Wendy Simpson, Parent and Volunteer, Lake County Schools
Once my boys were born, I wanted to volunteer in their schools, and help students, but didn’t want a full time teaching career. I love getting the chance to invest in students’ lives and support teachers as I always appreciated parent volunteers when I was teaching.
Terry Sullivan, Community Volunteer, Lake County Schools and AVID Program
I want to contriibute to the community and support higher quality education, especially for stduents who recieve less support at home. Working with young people keeps me young at heart!
Gerry Baiman, Grandmother and Vounteer, Lake County Schools 
Why do I volunteer? Obviously, my grandchildren and my love of theater and music. Since my hobbies have been sewing, knitting and spinning my own yarn since a young age, I help make costumes and alter the same for the Drama department       

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