Community Engagement and Volunteering

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Engaging parents and community members participating effectively in the life of schools and districts is both complex and vital to the success of the students in the system. Given this challenge, Lake County Schools has developed ways of engaging parents and community members successfully with the goals of our schools. For example, families are encouraged to participate in all facets of their child's education. We develop partnerships with businesses, civic organizations, and other community groups to promote adult participation in children's education and to maximize the resources available to support learning. Teachers and other school personnel are trained in effective practices that support family and community involvement.

This program functions as the District’s recognition that the schools and the community must work together to provide quality education.Knowing that community involvement is key to providing high-quality services amidst constant growth and change, the program identifies, trains and works with volunteers who have time, energy and resources to share.

The purpose of the program is to offer assistance to schools to assure that they are able to:
  • Enable school personnel and teachers to meet the needs of students more effectively by providing volunteer assistance.
  • Strengthen school-community relations by providing a menu of opportunities and supports for interested family members and community members to participate effectively in school programs.
  • Help parents/family and community members learn more about District and school goals and programs by providing volunteer orientations and training.
  • Introduce school volunteerism to corporations in order to promote a stake in the success of our students and the future workforce.
  • Broaden students’ experiences through interaction with volunteers by providing adult role models to assist the students with tutoring and mentor opportunities.
  • Provide enriching intergenerational experiences for students and adults of all ages (including senior citizens) who help educate students about the lifelong process of learning.
  • Improve communication between the schools and the communities they serve, building last partnerships with local businesses, civic organizations and families.

The Community Resource and Volunteering Office is responsible for:

·        Volunteering

·        Mentoring

·        Business Partnerships
·     Giving