School Advisory Council
School Advisory Councils are...
  • A group intended to represent the broad school community and those persons closest to the students who will share responsibility for guiding the school toward continuous improvement.
  • Referred to as SAC’s
  • Required by all schools
Role of the SAC
  • Assists in preparation and evaluation of School Improvement Plan
  • Decides how school improvement funds are spent
  • Conducts the annual School Climate survey
  • Decides jointly with school faculty how A+ recognition funds are spent
  • Assists principal with the school budget
  • Performs functions as prescribed by school board 
SAC Meetings
  • FPE SAC meetings are usually held at 3:45pm on the 2nd Monday of each month 
  • SAC meetings are open to the public, however only SAC Members can vote
  • Requires a quorum of at least 51%
SAC Members
  • Made up of principal, appropriate balanced number of teachers, staff, parents, community members, and students (middle and high school only)
  • Must represent ethnic, racial, economic community (may require appointment by School Board)
  • Free and reduced lunch percentages determines low-socio-economic make-up
  • Student race/ethnicity percentages must be represented by SAC (within 5%)
  • Majority (over 51%) must  not be employed by the Lake County School Board
  • Elected by peer groups
SAC Member Roles
  • Attend meetings and training
  • Use district and state goals as guide
  • Assess school data and surveys
  • Assist in the preparation, implementation, and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan
  • Identify and prioritize school needs
  • Develop improvement strategies
  • Measure results
  • Assist with preparation of school budget
Election/Voting Procedures
  • Voting can occur at meetings or by mail, secret ballot, or by show of hands
  • Ballots are counted, recorded, and retained
  • Voting records are recorded in the official SAC minutes
  • Elections must be fair and open and may be written, signed, or computerized ballots
**SAC Guidelines and By-Laws for 2011-2012 are posted at the top of this page.