The goal of the EngageLCS initiative is to align resources to maximize student success. EngageLCS will increase the ability of Lake County Schools to spend money smarter — so that every dollar is being used to support the community's educational vision and priorities.

Lake County was one of four school districts chosen for the $840,000 grant. In all, seven school districts from across the United States were invited to submit grant applications. To guide the EngageLCS initiative, Lake County Schools has developed a Theory of Action: "Aligning resources to develop highly effective teachers and leaders and support key student initiatives will advance the goal of developing 'C2 Ready' students.” (C2 refers to students that are prepared for college or a career). EngageLCS Magazine

      The effort to have continual, transparent communication that is two-way is vital to the EngageLCS initiative. It is important all stakeholders are well informed so they can be active participants in the decision-making process of how Lake County Schools supports instructional priorities.
      The aim of this publication is to extend information to staff and the community to routinely update them on EngageLCS and to offer opportunities on how your voice can be heard throughout the process. 
While the School District's website is very informative, this publication will help provide a more direct and comprehensive understanding of the initiative. Building interest in the EngageLCS initiative will hopefully encourage employees, parents and the community to take ownership of how Lake County Schools drives toward these new academic opportunities, and will spark their interest to be involved in the process.
      EngageLCS MindMixer EngageLCS serves as an online town hall covering a variety of issues that will confront Lake County Schools as it works to increase six critical capacities: Measuring initiative cost and return on investment; Specialized analytics (primary areas: financial projections and school scheduling); Effective prioritization and strategic decision-making; Building a resource alignment culture; Project management; and Communication. Questions are posed on the site and anyone is invited to submit ideas. The feedback garnered through the EngageLCS MindMixer site is shared directly with committees working on the project, who are able to provide comments back to community members about their ideas and keep the conversation going.

Aug. 21st, 2013 kick-off presentation to work teams
Oct. 1st, 2013 Resource Use Analysis Part I 
Oct. 11th, 2013 Preliminary list of ideas on fundraising our Instructional Priorities  
Dec. 2nd, 2013 Strategic Finance Plan 2015-2017: Summary document