Welcome to Pine Ridge's Personalized Learning page.  We are excited to continue our journey into a new way of thinking about teaching. We are have taken the first steps towards making learning personalized for all children who enter our doors.  By doing this, we will provide each student with the skills and knowledge to lead an independent and successful life.  The student will be in charge of their own learning and help in the process of making it meaningful for them.  Please drop by often for more information about this wonderful and inspiring initiative in teaching or contact our new Personalized Learning Facilitator at  
We have spent the beginning of this year building the culture of a student-centered classroom by creating Classroom Vision statements that align with our school's vision/long term goals.  We have spent time building Standard Operating Procedures to ensure that students know expectations of the classroom and the school.  We also have spent time unpacking our BEAR Expectations to help students better understand how to achieve both short term and long term goals with the goal of creating a student-centered culture