• Carver Teachers begin Creating Curriculum Transparency for Students

    Posted by Mrs. Treshonda Rutledge at 11/7/2016

    Last month, Carver teachers began professional development and planning to design and create opportunities within and outside of their classrooms for students to be able to access and have available to them, the curriculum.  A key component of making learning personal for Carver students is ensuring that the students understand the expectations for learning, practicing and demonstrating mastery of the standards and learning targets.  Teachers have begun this work by creating and communicating Learning Pathways with student voice and choice, creating and unpacking performance scales, and providing tools for progress monitoring to students.  

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  • Success Block is coming to Raider Nation!

    Posted by Mrs. Treshonda Rutledge at 9/16/2016


    As a part of Carver Middle School's transition to Personalized Learning, Success Block will be implemented this to address two needs identified to improve the learning experiences of Raider students.  The first need is to provide in-school opportunities for remediation and academic support.  The second need to is provide extracurricular exploratory exposure for students.  Each student at Carver has been assigned a mentor who will guide and support the student throughout this school year with academic and personal development experiences.  This video captures Carver's introduction of Success Block to the students in preparation for the launch of Success Block.

    Treshonda Rutledge, Personalized Learning Facilitator



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    Success Block Implementation


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  • Carver in the Headlines

    Posted by Mrs. Treshonda Rutledge at 8/21/2016

    The Daily Commercial posted an article on the progress of Making Learning Personal in Lake County Schools. Some Carver Personalized Learning classrooms were photographed for the spread.  Check out the article here and the pictures of Carver students and teachers at work.


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  • Off to a Great Start

    Posted by Mrs. Treshonda Rutledge at 8/14/2016

    WOW! Oh how the summer flew by. (Of course officially having a few less weeks this summer didn't help.)  Well, we Raiders are off to a phenomenal start to shift from a traditional to personalized learning campus.  I must say, I am greatly impressed at our teachers', learners' and administration's excitedness and collaborative efforts starting this work. Over these first few weeks of school, we have committed to setting the tone for a student centered learning environment.  Our learners, with their facilitators, took off running creating SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and CoCs (Codes of Cooperation) centered around the Raider R3 (Respectful, Responsible and Ready to Learn)! I had the pleasure of seeing this work in action and was surely amazed. Below, I will include a few clips from the work we have begun so far.  I will keep you updated with our progress through this blog.  Please, share with all you know.  Spread the word that something great is taking place at Carver Middle School in Leesburg, Fl.  Find time, expertise, capital and/or resources to aid us in this journey and get involved!  We welcome you!  

    I'll keep you posted! 


    Raider Rutledge

    Science Department Teacher Code of Cooperation

    Science Code of Cooperation

    Mrs. Nadboralski's AVID students brainstorming what it means to be Responsible, Respectful and Ready to Learn!


    Coach Nash's PE students deciding what it means to be Respectful, Responsible and Ready to Learn.


    Mrs. Shoemaker's Class finalized Code of Cooperation!






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