Online Meal Pre-Payments

"Make your first payment your Last!"
Enroll into My Lunch to join in on the Online Meal Pre-Payment.
  • Free: There is currently no fee for using the "" service.
  • Easy:  Enrolling and funding is simple when completed online.
  • Convenient: Once your account is established, you can check balances and fund the account from your computer, phone or fax.
  •  Secure: Your personal and payment card information is protected by the most advanced internet security.
  • Never have to worry about doing it again: With our recurring payment option, money will always be in your child's account. When the low balance you select is reached, money is automatically deposited within 48 hours.
How Do I Enroll?
  • Create an account log in with user name and password. You will need to have your student's district ID number this is a 10 digit number that you can find on many school documents such as Report Cards and Schedules, or may be obtained from your child's school. DO NOT USE THE STUDENTS LUNCH NUMBER. You will also need the students date of birth, school and grade to complete the enrollment in
  • Call if you have problems enrolling your student at     Support line: 1-800-479-3531.

Refund Request Form
All refunds must be requested from either the Lake County School Food Services Department or the School site your student attends. 
  • If the amount of the refund is less than $25.00 and your child is still enrolled in a Lake County School you may request the refund directly from your child's School Cafeteria.
  • All refund requests over $25.00 for enrolled students and ALL requests for withdrawn students must be submitted in writing. Please download and complete our Refund Request Form then mail or fax it to the Lake County Schools Food Services Department.  Your request will be processed based on the supporting documentation. Please note that the requester must be listed on the Free/Reduced application as an adult household member or have other documentation stating they are eligible to receive the refund. To speed up the identification process please attach a copy of your photo ID.  
  • You should receive the refund within 4 to 6 weeks.  If there is an issue with your refund you will be contacted within 1 to 2 weeks. Note: We will use all necessary resources to contact the requester in the case of an issue. However, it is the requester's responsibility to follow up in the matter of not receiving a refund.
  • Please remember that all account balances carry over at the end of each school year to the following school year. The balances also transfer within all Lake County Schools arutomatically.

If you have any questions about your refund please contact the Lake County Schools Food Services Department at 352-253-6800.