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Amy Cockcroft, Director
Para Pro Testing 
Dori Dunbar, Records Specialist
 Para Pro Testing:
To register for the ParaPro test, please email . Type “ParaPro Testing” in the subject. Please include your name, contact information, school (if known), and testing date and time you wish to attend. You will receive a conformation email within 48 hours.

Testing Dates: (please arrive by 8:45am) 



August 18, 2016                 9:00am

September 22, 2016        9:00am

October 27, 2016              9:00am

December 1, 2016            9:00am

January 19, 2017               9:00am

February 23, 2017            9:00am

March 30, 2017                  9:00am

Downloadable Study guide: ParaPro Assessment (Praxis Study Companion)

 For general information for the ParaPro assessment, please contact: Dori Dunbar, Records Specialist

Dori Dunbar
Learning Resource Center
510 South Palm Ave
Howey-in-the Hills, FL 34737
To learn more about the assessment, and read some test questions and answers, go to
The study guide is entitled:
ParaPro Assessment Study Guide, Test Codes 0755 and 1755
Practice & Review, The Praxis Series
Applicants who are district employees may request a study guide from our office. We have a limited supply and lend out on an as-available basis. The study guides must be returned on the day of testing at the test location (see below) or to Dori Dumbar at the Learning Resource Center. The study guides may also be purchased online at the following sites. Prices vary $15 - $35.  Educational Testing Service 609-921-9000
  • Please register for the test in advance as space is limited. Please call to cancel if you are unable to keep your appointment.
  • Cost is $55 on credit card only.   Parapro Testing can only be paid with Credit Card: 
    NO DEBIT Cards Or Prepaid Cards.  Pay at time of exam.  
  • Photo ID (example: driver's license) is required.
  • Retakes are $55 each time.
  • Passing “scaled” score is 464 out of 480 points. Three areas are tested: Reading, Math & Writing with 30 questions in each area.
  • Applicants will receive an “unofficial” score on the day of exam that may be used for school interviews. Applicants who do not pass may retake the test in 30 days.
  • The “official” score report is mailed directly from ETS to the applicant within a few weeks.
  • Replacement cost for a lost report is $55 and can be obtained through the Educational Testing Service.
  • Exam is administered by Educational Testing Service online and is in English only.
  • Lake County is not designated as a paper/pencil testing site. If you are interested in taking the paper/pencil test, please contact Marion or Osceola school districts for further information.
  • Exam location is at the Learning Resource Center (address is above).
  • Assessment dates are scheduled by LCS Professional Development Department as needed.