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It’s Elementary!: Sherlock Holmes makes guest appearance at Astatula Elementary

Third graders at Astatula Elementary welcomed Sherlock Holmes to the campus last week.

The Atlantic Coast Theatre performed Sherlock Holmes & the Opera Mystery in the cafeteria for an in-school field trip. ThisSherlock Holmes makes guest appearance particular performance was chosen to help further students’ understanding of plot and inference through a live and interactive performance on stage.

The students discussed the elements of a mystery and how to develop a mystery’s plot in classes before and after the performance. During the performance, the students’ were engaged in solving the crime of the stolen crown jewel necklace.

Sherlock Holmes amazed the audience by using observation and deductive reasoning skills to apprehend the thief. The third graders showed their appreciation with applause when Holmes solved the mystery. The third grade teachers were thrilled to be able to have reading come alive for students with the use of live theatre. The students raved about the Atlantic Coast Theatre’s performance and were excited to have them perform again in the future.