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Hands-on learning equals family fun at Groveland Elem.

Groveland Elementary School held Family Learning Night this month with more than 100 families in attendance.Hands-on learning equals family fun at Groveland Elem

Every Tuesday from 5 to 7 p.m., families are encouraged to come out to the Groveland Elementary School’s media center to spend time together reading. Twice a year the school combines Family Reading Night with hands-on science and math exploration stations.

Parents were able to see what tasks their students are expected to perform and learn problem-solving strategies. The hands-on stations included iPads, measurements using scientific tools, a rock cycle model utilizing rocks that students could manipulate and observe, electric circuits and microscopes. Another activity involved visitors sitting down at a “menu math” restaurant. While in the make-believe restaurant, students practiced real world skill of taking an order, totaling the check and making correct change. The kids enjoyed playing restaurant servers for their parents.

The families that participated in this event received math manipulatives and other resources to help their child succeed. The school is planning a similar event to be held in the spring.