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6 and counting: Lake County Schools’ graduation rate shows gain for sixth consecutive year

For the sixth consecutive year, Lake County Schools has bested its graduation rate from the previous year.

For the 2011-2012 school year, the Lake County School District increased its federal graduation rate by 2.77 percentage points to 78.16 percent.

The Florida Department of Education (DOE) released graduation rates Friday evening for the 2011-12 school year and six high schools from Lake County Schools showed positive gains from the previous year:

·         East Ridge High School — 86.32% (3.1 percentage points increase)

·         Leesburg High School — 78.84% (3.84 percentage points increase)

·         Mount Dora High School — 85.04% (9.74 percentage points increase)

·         South Lake High School — 82.77% (5.86 percentage points increase)

·         Tavares High School — 81.19% (1.01 percentage points increase)

·         Umatilla High School — 75.88% (1.57 percentage points increase)

Graduation rates at Eustis High (82.35%) declined; however, the school is above the state’s average graduation rate of 74.50 percent.

In addition to graduation rates, DOE also released dropout rates. Lake County Schools decreased its dropout rate to 2 percent, which is its lowest rate ever and nearly one-third of a percentage point lower than last year.

Florida is calculating and reporting only the federal uniform graduation rate beginning in 2011-12. This version replaces the National Governors Association (NGA) rate, which is no longer calculated, for high school grades accountability. Previously, Florida’s official graduation rate included both standard and special diploma recipients. Students who earn a special diploma, a GED-based diploma, a certificate of completion, or have been retained and are still in school are not included in the federal graduation rate.

The federal graduation rate measures the percentage of students who graduate within four years of their first enrollment in ninth grade. The rate is calculated for an adjusted cohort of students, a group of students on the same schedule to graduate, taking into account those who enter or exit the group. The federal graduation rate is used in calculating high school grades and allows comparison among states.