• The Choice Is Yours!


    Lake County Schools has taken many initial steps to enhance safety for students this year. We're adding school resource officers, offering safety training, and implementing the guardian program, which allows trained and qualified administrators to have access to a firearm on campus so they can respond if an active shooter situation arises. 


    The Lake County Sheriff's Office and many local municipalities are partnering with us.


    With a dedicated funding source we can sustain many changes and make additional safety enhancements in our schools.


    A referendum on the ballot for the Aug. 28, 2018, primary election will ask voters to consider approving an additional 0.75-mill property tax. This small increase will help the district:


    • Implement the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Safety Act;
    • Enhance school safety, security and mental health services; and
    • Create a sustainable funding source critical to improving safety for our children, prevention programs and services, and emergency response.


    If approved, the tax would begin July 1, 2019, and end June 30, 2023.


    If the referendum passes, the owner of a home with an assessed value of $125,000 and homestead exemption of $25,000 would pay $75 per year.


    All together, it's estimated that the increase would generate about $16 million per year that would help the district hire an adequate number of school safety employees including social workers, counselors and nurses. It would also help pay for recommended in-house alternative education programs, in-school suspension programs and school hardening measures that would make buildings and classrooms more secure. And it would help cover the cost of the extra resource officers the district is adding this year.


    Learn more about the referendum and the needs of the district on the web pages here. And remember to... 


    VOTE AUGUST 28, 2018!