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     World History Honors (Periods 5-7)
    WHAP (Periods 1 & 4)
    AP Capstone (Period 3)

    10th Grade World History
    South Lake High School
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    My Education & Teaching Background

        I have a Masters in Education & a Bachelors in History from the University of Florida.  I have taught many different social studies classes in areas ranging from downtown Chicago to very rural North Carolina.  I have taught everything from 6th grade world history to AP European History.  I am a Florida native and was raised in a town outside of Fort Lauderdale called Cooper City.  I am happily married to, the award winning band director, Mrs. Carolyn Deck of Windy Hill Middle School.  I am a die-hard hockey fan.  I support the Florida Panthers and Orlando Solar Bears.  In my spare time you may find me playing board games, air soft, or hanging out with my dogs.

    Class/Course Information 

       World History is a skills based class that addresses historical thinking in the context of the world.  You will not learn everything about the world in the course, it would be impossible to cover in the time allowed in one year of study.  We will focus on understanding point of view, crafting an argument, supporting an idea with evidence, and reading primary and secondary sources.
    This course uses Schoology, Remind, & Socrative.  Please check the Digital Resources Tab for more information on each of these programs / apps 


    World History Honors Classes
     Periods 5,6,7
    AP World History Classes 
      Periods 1, 4
    AP Capstone 
     Period 3
    Mr. Deck has planning during 3rd Period