Jessica Lunsford Act Vendor Compliance Process



    Important: The information on this page outlines the policies and procedures pertaining to new self-employed vendors or employees of registered vendor companies and how to obtain a uniform statewide vendor badge. If you are a new self-employed vendor or new vendor company, you must be registered with Lake County Schools before requesting a uniform statewide vendor badge.

    To become a new self-employed vendor or new vendor company for Lake County Schools, please click the Vendor Set Up link below. Each business MUST have a Lake County Schools vendor number before fingerprint registration can take place.  Please contact Angelita Russell, Procurement Services at (352) 253-6763 if you have any additional questions on how to become a registered vendor.

    Vendor Set Up Forms

    As of January 1, 2019 the rate for a
    new vendor
    badge and fingerprinting will be $83.25.


     The Jessica Lundsford Act (JLA) requires all contracted vendors who are permitted access on school grounds when students are present, who have contact with students, or have access to or control school funds, to undergo a screening process and meet Level 2 screening requirements pursuant to Florida State Statute 1012.32.

     Steps for Fingerprint Registration and Badging:

    1.     Be sure to select the appropriate option below:


    Fieldprint code for fingerprint and to obtain a badge: fplakevd

    2.      Click the link above to register for fingerprinting and/or to obtain a badge. The link will redirect you to Fieldprint. You will need to create a user name and password. Once logged in, click on 'I know my fieldprint code' to enter in the code to schedule the appointment to be fingerprinted and have a your picture taken for the badge. The cost for fingerprinting and obtaining a badge will be $83.25.

    Each Vendor is required to complete and submit the I-9 Form before an official badge is issued.
     Fieldprint code for obtaining only a badge: fplakevb

    3.     If you have undergone the screening process after July 1, 2007 and have met the Level 2 requirements in another Florida school district, your information will be posted on the Florida Shared School Results (FSSR) System. Therefore, you will not be required to be fingerprinted again. To obtain the uniform, statewide badge, click the link above to schedule your appointment to have your picture taken for the badge.  The cost for obtaining only a badge will be $10.00.



    4.     Two forms of ID are required at the time of fingerprinting:

    A.    Acceptable Primary IDs include:

    ·    State-Issued Driver’s License

    ·    State-Issued Non-Driver’s License ID Card

    ·    US Passport

    ·    Military Identification Card

    ·    Work Visa with Photo


    B.    Acceptable Secondary IDs include:

    ·    Credit/Debit Car

    ·    Bank Statement

    ·    Electric Bill

    ·    Birth Certificate

    ·    Citizenship or Naturalization Certificate

    Starting June 1, 2012,
    Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) will purge any criminal history record of five (5) years that is located in the Shared School Results System (FSSR).  When the record has been purged, a new criminal history background check is required.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding the fingerprinting process, please contact Kerri Hubbard, Fingerprint Clerk at (352) 253-6543. For any other issues, please contact your Employer directly. They will contact the appropriate District Office contacts with the Finance or Procurement Departments if necessary.