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    SpeakOut Hotline
    Lake County students are encouraged to talk to adults (administrators, teachers, guidance counselors, staff or parents) in order to keep schools safe; however, sometimes it is hard for a student to go to an adult if he or she sees something on campus that is not safe. SpeakOut Hotline provides an anonymous avenue for all students of Lake County Schools to call to report weapons, drugs, bullying, etc. SpeakOut Hotline operators will not ask for a student's name, phone number or location.
    Students have two options for reporting: call 800-423-8477 or go online to www.speakouthotline.org and record the information.
    When a student contacts SpeakOut Hotline, he or she will need to provide the following information:
    • Who? Who is involved in the incident? Age? Grade? What school do they attend?
    • What? What are you reporting? What type of criminal activity?
    • When? When did this occur? Is the activity on-going?
    • Where? Where did the incident occur? On campus?
    • Why Call SpeakOut? Your information can stop bad things from happening. Silence is acceptance.
    All Lake County Schools' students need to remember one thing ...
    You Can Make A Difference!