• Know the Law

    The Know the Law Booklet is a collaborative project designed to explain the common offenses with their consequences committed by youth on a regular basis. 
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    Booklets will be made available in hard copy to all Lake County middle school students. The booklet is also cited in the Lake County Schools Student Code of Conduct.
    Download a copy of the Know the Law Booklet by clicking the links below. 
    "Know the Law" DVD is now available.  This DVD is a teaching tool to be used in conjunction with the KTL Curriculum.  To receive a copy, contact the Safe Climate Coalition at 352-408-2009.  Lake County Schools contact Lori Humphrey at 352-742-6941.
    Thank you to the following collaborative partners for making this possible:
    Kim Lambert, Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (Committee Chairperson)
    John Carnahan and Sarah Smith, State Attorney's Office
    Lynn Jones and Pernell Mitchell, Lake County Schools, Safe Schools Department
    Susan Berg, Court Administration
    Stephanie Glass, Lake County Teen Court
    Dave Rattray, LifeStream Behavioral Center
    Jason Williams, Lake County Sheriff's Office
    Debi MacIntyre, Safe Climate Coalition of Lake County, Inc.
    Lori Humphrey, Lake County Shared Services Network
    Thank you to the following financial partners:
    Lake County Government, Teen Court
    Lake County Schools, Safe Schools & Student Services
    Lake Community Action Agency
    Lake County Sheriff's Office
    Lake County Health Department, Tobacco Prevention
    United Way of Lake & Sumter Counties
    Are you outside of Lake County and would like your youth and parents to benefit from this project?
    Use of Lake County’s Know the Law booklet along with its curriculum in its current form is permissible.   Recreation which may include additions or deletions is permissible as long as the revised document acknowledges Lake, Lee, and Santa Rosa Counties as the originators.  Lake County’s edition was created with the help of PG Creative.
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                               1110 Brickell Ave Suite406
                                Miami, FL 33131
    For any additional questions regarding the Know the Law booklet, please contact Lori Humphrey of Lake County Shared Services Network at 352-742-6941.