• Parents play an important part in their child’s education. Title I has programs, activities, materials, and resources for the meaningful involvement of parents in all of its schools with TITLE I, Part A; TITLE I,  Part C, Migrant; TITLE I, Part D, Neglected and Delinquent; ELL (English Language Learners) and Immigrant Programs. We encourage parents to be more involved as full partners, as appropriate, in decision-making and on advisory committees to help in the education of their children.  


    District Parent and Family Engagement Plan

    Plan de Compromiso de Padres y la Familia 

    Each school district that receives TITLE I, Part A funds must develop a written parent and family engagement plan that establishes the district's expectations for parent and family engagement. The plan is developed jointly and agreed upon with the families of children participating in TITLE I, Part A programs.

    Parent and Family Resources

    Title I staffs local Parent and family Centers at each of the TITLE I Schools. The mission of the centers is to provide a place where parents and families will find assistance with materials, free workshops & training, technology training and activities to help them in participating and improving the achievement levels of their children.


    Parent and Family Resources Brochure (PDF)