•    Ms. Katelyn Raber
    Contact Information
    Phone Number:
    352-394-9600 Ext. 5159
    Office Hours
    Monday,Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:
    • Teen Leadership 1 & 2
    •  English IV: FCP 

    • B.S. in English Education 6-12 with ESOL Endorsement
    Teacher Biography
    Celebratory Best Practices:

    I pride myself in creating a “family atmosphere” in my classroom. At the end of the day, my students may not all write perfect sentences, analyze literature at a collegiate level, or use their ACT/SAT vocabulary; but, they leave knowing they have a safe space and people who care deeply about the perfectly exceptional person they are. I create a room where it’s okay to take risks or be wrong without the threat of judgment. Where passion explodes on paper and in debates. Where it’s okay to change your mind…often. But most importantly, a classroom where students are loved. Not only by me, but by each other. Nothing fills me with greater pride than seeing students on graduation night, who normally wouldn’t be friends, tracking each other down for one last group shot together.

    Instructional Best Practice:

    “If you can’t defend what you say you believe, it’s probably because you don’t believe it.” I instill in my students that in life, ignorance is not an option. I teach them how to defend an idea without offending another person. I preach that, while ideas may be stupid, people are not. Finally, I work with them to show them that who you are and how you are raised will shape your perception, paradigms, and truth about the world around us. Having said that, I also teach them how to intelligently defend an argument both verbally and in writing. Using Socratic seminars, philosophical chairs, debates, and HOT seats, students leave this class knowing how to defend their stance on a topic while still being respectful and mindful that their truth is completely unique to them.


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