• 5th Grade Book Report Requirements                                       Name:                                       

    ·        1 due/9 weeks

    ·        Must choose a different book report and genre each time

    ·        Use this sheet to help you choose, then ask your teacher for a copy of the FULL directions OR go to your teachers Web page

    ·        Due Dates (subject to change):  Oct. 10th; December 16th; March 6th; May 15th 


    Book Reports

    1.      10 Facts Book Report: (non-fiction)

    ·        Write 10 “Thick” facts about the topic, draw a picture for each fact.  Turn it into a book with a title page!

    2.      Advertisement Poster: (fiction)

    ·        Make a poster really “Selling” your book!  Include an illustration, list of characters, jingle/slogan, and blurb.

    3.      Collage: (non-fiction)

    ·        Make a poster that illustrates the topic of your book using at least 10 different items

    4.      Cereal Box: (fiction)

    ·        Create a “Book” out of a cereal box.  Include a cover with an illustration, complete summary, and recommendation.

    5.      Travel Brochure: (non-fiction)

    ·        Make a tri-folded brochure.  Include information about the characters, interest level, reviews from people who have read the book (can be pretend), setting, illustrations, and a blurb.

    6.      Flip Book: (fiction)

    ·        This book covers all of the elements of a story:  characters, setting, plot, problem, resolution

    7.      Quilt: (autobiography, biography, memoir)

    ·        A nine square quilt.  Can be made out of poster board or fabric.  The subject (person) goes in the center.  The remaining 8 squares each focus on a different aspect of the person’s life.

    8.      Hang-Up: (fiction)

    ·        This report hangs like a mobile.  It also includes the elements of a story.

    9.      “Hand” Book: (fiction)

    ·        A book report that is in the shape of your hand.  It focuses on character traits, motivations, and actions.

    10.  Power Point:  (fiction or non-fiction)

    ·        Make a power point presentation with at least 5 slides.  The directions are different depending on the type of book, fiction or non-fiction.

    11.  Speech:  (fiction or non-fiction)

    ·        Prepare a 2-5 minute speech about your book.  You must have a visual aide or objects to represent the book.

    12.  Author Study:  (for those of you who love certain author’s and have read several of their books)

    ·        Using a poster board or any kind of presentation board.  Tell about the life of the chosen author, what kind of books they write, and compare and contrast some their books you have read. 

    ·        We are SO excited about this choice that we will let you choose this one twice, if you’d like J


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