• 5th Grade Homework Expectations


    1.    Every night you should expect:

    ·      A Math Review worksheet.  You must complete the entire assignment trying your hardest.  If possible, ask an adult or older sibling to check it for mistakes.

    ·      To read!  You should read EVERY night because you are going to choose books that you just can’t put down!!!!! 

    2.   Weekly you should expect a Science assignment.  Mrs. D'Alessandro will usually assign it on Monday and it will be due either Thursday or Friday.  However, it won’t take you long to complete it J

    3.   Occasionally you should expect to spend some time studying or reviewing skills, especially right before a Math of Science test.

    4.   Every 9 weeks:

    ·      1 book report on book of your choice, but approved by Mrs. Brewster

    ·      1st 9 Weeks:  Scientist Wanted Poster

    ·      2nd 9 Weeks:  Science Fair Project

    ·      3rd 9 Weeks:  Colony Brochure


             Please understand that these are YOUR homework responsibilities, not your parents.  Try to do your best to stay on top of your assignments.  You can ALWAYS speak to me if you have a question or there is a problem you need help solving.  I am available every morning before school @ 7 A.M.  Feel free to come to school early…anytime…really!!  Also, with a little notice, I can offer assistance in the afternoon, too!



Last Modified on August 6, 2017