R U C2 READY?



    Triangle Elementary School is also aligned with Lake County School’s mission, vision, and belief statements for college and career readiness. It provides all Lake County Schools employees with a road map to meet and exceed the College and Career Readiness standards. 

    VISION: A dynamic, progressive, and collaborative learning community embracing change and diversity where every student will graduate with the skills needed to succeed in postsecondary education and in the workplace.

    MISSION:The mission of Lake County Schools is to provide every student with individual opportunities to excel.


    We Believe:

    ·        Education is the foundation for everyone’s future.

    ·        Education is an individual lifelong process.

    ·        All children can learn.

    ·        Students should be civic-minded and embrace future roles in our community.

    ·        Parents/guardians, community, and schools are responsible for students’ education.

    ·        In providing a safe, resource-filled learning environment.

    ·        All students will graduate prepared for work and postsecondary education.