Article I- Name and Mission Statement

    Section 1: We the students of Lake Minneola High, hereby create this constitution in an effort to guarantee equality and fairness in all student government activities.  This constitution helps create a guideline to set a precedent for all programs, foster a sense of school spirit, improve relations between faculty, administration and students, as well as establish a sense of individuality and morality among students.

    Name- The name of this organization shall be Student Government Association of Lake Minneola High.

    Article II- Purpose

                The purpose of this organization shall be.

    Section 1: To promote the unification of each class, school spirit, academic achievements, community involvement, citizenship, and leadership development

    Article III- Authority

    Section 1: All powers of the class officers are delegate to it by the school administrations, student body, and School board of Lake County.

    Section 2:

    1. Executive Branch

                All elected and appointed Student Government, Class Officers, and Sponsors

    1. House of Representatives

                All leadership classes and students

    1. General Assembly

                All students at Lake Minneola High

    Article IV- Organization Membership

    Section 1: The Executive Branch shall consist of all elected and appointed Student Government and class officers.

    1. Student Government Elected Officers


    Vice President




    1. Elected Class Officers


    Vice President
    Communications Chair
                  *All class officers are required to be members in SGA 

    Article V- Duties of Positions

    Section 1: President

    1. Correspond with sponsor daily
    2. Helps run all meetings
    3. Uphold and enforce the constitution
    4. Votes only when tie needs to be broken
    5. Regularly request reports from committee heads
    6. Holds right to call additional meetings if felt necessary
    7. Take authority of meetings and events
    8. Member of the Student Progression plan Board

    Section 2: Vice President

    1. Perform duties of the president in lieu of his or her absence.
    2. Attend all meetings
    3. Help coordinate Student Government activities
    4. Check in with sponsors on a weekly basis

    Section 3:  Secretary

    1. Record minutes (notes of official meetings) of every Student Government meeting
    2. Maintain record of meeting attendance
    3. Maintain files for all Student Government business
    4. Relay copies of minutes and attendance to sponsors

    Section 4: Treasurer

    1. Completes all fundraising paperwork
    2. Responsible for counting all monies after events
    3. Track all expenses and earnings
    4. Report budget to President and sponsors monthly

    Section 5: Marketer

    1. Create all advertising for in and out of school fundraisers
    2. Create all posters/flyers for events
    3. Frequently update all social media outlets as to current calendar of events.

    Section 6: Communications

    1. Communicate with President, Vice President and sponsors weekly
    2. Remind members of any upcoming duties

    Section 7: Historian

    1. Take or collect photographs of all SGA events
    2. Create posters, in conjunction with the marketer, to advertise and market SGA
    3. Create and update member profiles
    4. Create a Medallion book to record events, sponsorships, etc.

    Section 8: Class Officers

    1. Attend all Class Meetings, Officer Meetings and SGA Meetings
    2. Correspond with sponsor monthly
    3. Attend to all duties appointed by their class sponsor
    4. All class presidents are in charge of class cup competitions and participate in the Student Progression plan Board
    5. Must be a part of the Class Cup Committee

    Section 10: Attendance

                **All elected and appointed officers are required to attend every meeting.  Officers will be impeached after 3 unexcused absences or a general agreement of ones lack of participation and involvement.  After being impeached, former officer may still be a regular member if pardoned. (Excused absences include not being in school due to illness or having a pre-scheduled doctor’s appointment with a doctor’s note, or anything approved prior to the advisor, school related standardized testing.)

    Section 11: Attendance Points Policy

                The attendance point policy will be used to keep track of all members and officers attendance to SGA meetings and events throughout the school year. If a member reaches 15 attendance points or an officer reaches 8, they will be eligible for impeachment from SGA.

    Section 1: Positive Point System           

    Positive point structure will be tracked on a 1-3-5 scale, please see attached document for details. Members will earn points by attending events, meetings and completing all expected tasks.  Every member must be an active participant of a committee.         

    Point Breakdown:

    • Freshman through senior -earn 75 points – earn a certificate & years of service pin.
    • Seniors ONLY-
      • Earn a standard purple cord- must obtain 76-84 points.
      • Earn a distinguished cord- must obtain over 85 points.

    Article VI- Election Qualification and Voting

    Section 1: All parties interested in running must submit packets two weeks after they are made available and follow all packet guidelines

    Section 2: Eligibility

    1. General

                Must maintain a 3.0 GPA

                Good conduct, no ISS or external suspensions (Verified by Advisor)

                Must have the support of 45 fellow students by show of signature for student council office and   3 letters of recommendation.

                The administrator directly responsible for the student.

                The candidate’s parent or guardian.

    Section 3: Official Election Advisor

                Student Government will help leadership advisor conduct the upcoming year’s elections.

    Section 4: Auxiliary Positions

                Appointed as needed and approved by president and advisor.

    Section 5: Waivers

    1. Students transferring from another school with proof of leadership experience qualify for waivers.
    2. Anyone seeking a waiver must approach the Student Government Advisor, administrator and two currently elected officers.

    Article VII- Meetings

    Section 1:  General Meetings

    All meetings are done under the supervision and knowledge of the SGA Sponsor. 

    Article IX- Standing committees

    All committees listed below shall be done annually until removed by the Student Government Body.

    1. Class Cup
    2. Fundraising
    3. Homecoming/ Crowning
    4.  Banquet/ Awards      
    5. Hype Night/ Hawkidays/ Senior Sunset
    6. Nomination and Voting

    Article X- Impeachment & Removal of Elected Officers

    Section 1: Reasons for Impeachment

    1. Failure to carry out Duties of Office
    2. Violation of Leadership Contract
    3. Violation of School Rules which may Result in Suspension/Expulsion
    4. Failure to abide by the Constitution of the Marjory Lake Minneola High School SGA .
    5. Unexcused absences from more than 3 meetings 

    Section 2: Procedures for Impeachment

    All impeachment charges must be in writing and submitted to the Student Government Association.

    First Offense: Verbal warning with review of protocol, expectations, and review of the Constitution.

    Second Offense: Suspension from SGA and Duties not to exceed 30 days.

    Third Offense: Permanently relieved of all duties.

    The President shall have the power to fill vacancies that may occur during the course of an administrative year.

    Section 3: Rights of the Accused

    1. The accused hold the right to Petition for a Period of Two weeks following any final decisions.
    2. The accused holds the right to delay voting by as much as two weeks. 

    Article XI- By Laws

    All By Laws must be enacted by a majority of whatever branch or body of Student Government it belongs to.  In terms of Class Officers, By Laws must be created Freshman Year; 2 months after the first Officers take Office.  They can be amended at the end of each grade year 

    Article XII- Amendments to the Constitution

    Section 1

    Both the Executive Board and House of Representatives may propose amendments to the Constitution

    Section 2

    An amendment must be ratified by a two-thirds vote by the House of Representatives.


    Proposed Amendments must be distributed to each member of the Executive Board ten school days prior to next Student Government Meeting.

    Section 4

    If passed the amendment does not go into effect until immediately.

Last Modified on September 8, 2018