• Partnership Opportunities
    Guest Speaker
    Often times, teachers and administrators call on various skilled professionals who can lend their experience to the classroom.  The school district would like to develop an internal directory for such ongoing needs.
    Program Advisory Committee
    Program Advisory Committee members normally meet 2 or 3 times a year to provide guidance to Career and Professional Academies. Committee members consist of business/industry members in the targeted program field.  The purpose of an Advisory Committee is to ensure that that the
    curriculum taught is relevant to local industry needs; members guide curriculum, make equipment recommendations and help instructors stay current in industry trends.
    Program Review Committee Member
    On a rotating two-year schedule, each Career and Technical Education program is reviewed by business/industry members to ensure that the curriculum taught is relevant to local industry needs.

    AVID Program Support Needs 
    AVID Program Support Needs AVID is a college readiness system offered in Lake County’s middle and high schools. The students accepted into the program are placed into the AVID elective class during the year to strengthen their skills as readers and writers, critical thinkers, and college prepared graduates. The program provides support, so students can meet high expectations. The key to the program is the “individual commitment” from the students, parents, instructional staff and talented volunteers
    Want to learn more about LCS AVID Programs? Click Here
    Other Opportunities
    • Tutoring
    • Career Coaching
    • Mock Job Interviewer
    • Student Organization Booster
    • Student Job Shadowing
    • Student On-the-Job Training
    • Curriculum Review Committee
    • Classroom/Teacher Volunteer
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