• 2017-2018

    ERMS is excited to welcome your child to the PLUS Team class. Your child will attend this class approximately 1-2 week per month. While your child is attending this class, their core (math, science, social studies, and language arts) teachers will be rotating days of the week to create innovative lesson plans and participate in rigorous curriculum study. The PLUS classes will provide standard based lessons across all curricula designed to enrich their learning experience.

    GOALS: Our class goal is to ensure our students are lifelong learners.

    • Enriching and Supporting Content Standards
    • Goal Setting/Decision Making
    • Cyber Safety/Bullying

    Walk in the door prepared for class and with a positive attitude. Please bring the following supplies daily in your binder: pencil, pen, self-contained pencil sharpener, highlighter, and notebook/notebook paper (depending on your PLUS teacher).

    You are expected to be PROMPT (on time and sitting in your seat), PREPARED (have all necessary supplies and assignments), POLITE (treat everything and everybody with respect), PRODUCTIVE (engage and complete all the assignments), and PROUD (try your best and maintain a positive attitude). Finally, you are expected to follow the guidelines set forth in the Lake County Student Code of Conduct.

    PLUS assignments and projects will count as a grade for at least one of their core classes. When students are assigned work in their PLUS class, they will be told which core class the assignment will be graded for. Descriptions for all assignments and projects will start with “PLUS” to clarify which grades are from their core teacher and which grades are from their PLUS teacher.

    The best form of communication is email. Be sure to include contact information if a return response other than email is required.

    Looking forward to a great year!

    PLUS Team Teachers:

    Brittany Locuson  locusonb@lake.k12.fl.us

    Joshua Watson     watsonj3@lake.k12.fl.us

    Erika Ripoll           ripolle@lake.k12.fl.us