• Non-Instructional Substitutes

    Thank you for your interest in becoming a Non-Instructional Substitute with Lake County Schools. Non-Instructional Substitutes provide a valuable service to our students and schools. As a Non-Instructional Substitute, you will work on an as-needed basis, selecting jobs based on when and where you would like to work. This flexible schedule is well-suited for those who are pursuing a degree in education, parents with children in school, or retirees.

    Contact Information
    Depending on the type of non-instructional substitute you wish to become, select one of the contacts listed below:

    Charlene Moye,
    Human Resources Specialist
    (352) 253-6530

    Non-Instructional Substitute Types:
    • Food Service Assistant
    • Custodian
    • Relief Bus Driver
    • Relief Bus Assistant
    Dee Dunbar,
    Human Resources Specialist
    (352) 253-6530

    Non-Instructional Substitute Types:
    • Clerical Assistant
    • Teacher Assistant

    Steps to Becoming a Non-Instructional Substitute

    1. COMPLETE the online Substitute application and APPLY for the desired Substitute position. (found under the Employment section)
      *You will need to submit a minimum of two (2) references that include an email address*

    2. Call the Human Resources Department to schedule your appointment for the New Hire Orientation at 352-253-6530.
      **During New Employee Orientation, you will be fingerprinted, turn in your completed New Hire Packet for Non-Instructional Substitutes, and participate in presentations from various departments from within Lake County Schools.**

    3. PRINT and COMPLETE the New Hire Substitute packet, I-9 and W-4 forms and bring with you to your appointment.
      Non-Instructional Substitute New Hire Packet
      IRS Form W-4
      USCIS Form I-9
      Drug Test Forms

      Non-Instructional Substitute Forms for Review Only
      Bullying and Harassment Information for Review Only

    4. Register for your fingerprints online and print out the registration confirmation number to bring with you to your appointment (fee of $72.00). Click here to register for fingerprints.
      *If unable to print, please write the confirmation number down and bring it with you*

    5. Verify on your application that there are at least two (2) returned references.
    Bring the following to your scheduled New Employee Orientation appointment:
    • Completed New Hire Packet
    • Pre-employment Drug Test Fee in the amount of $10.00. Checks can be made payable to Lake County Schools.
    • Driver's License and Social Security Card
    Pay Rate for Non-Instructional Substitutes

    Minimum Wage (as of January 1, 2017) - $8.10/hr
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. How many hours will I be working?
    A. This is an as-needed position. You will be filling in for part-time and full-time employees when they are out. The numbers of hours worked per day will vary.

    Q. Do I need to bring the new hire packet with me to my appointment?
    A. Yes, you will need to bring the New Hire Packet with you and it must be completed before you arrive for your appointment.

    Q. Are the Non-Instructional Substitute positions part-time or full-time positions?
    A. A Non-Instructional Substitute is only an as-needed position. It is neither a part-time nor a full-time position.

    Q. There are some forms in the New Hire Packet that need to be notarized. Can I have them notarized when I come in for my appointment?
    A. Yes, one of the HR Specialists will be able to notarize the form.

    Q. When do I go for my drug test?
    A. The HR Specialist will give you a Drug Test Authorization form at your appointment. You will have 24 hours from the time the form is given to complete the drug test. Please bring a check or money order with you to your scheduled appointment for $10.00 made payable to Lake County Schools.