d Reader
    Accelerated Reader is a reading program that several schools in our district use.  It is a leveled reading program that allows students to choose books in the media center that are at their reading level.  Once students finish a book they may take an A.R. quiz over it.  Students who achieve an 85% or above on their quiz receive points for their book.  As students accumulate their A.R. points they get closer to meeting their A.R. goal for the nine weeks.  As they meet their goal along the way they will receive incentives for doing so.  Students who meet 100% of their A.R. goal, by the end of the nine weeks, will have the opportunity to attend the A.R. party!!
    The joy of reading is its own reward - but we offer a few other incentives too!
    As stated above, students receive incentives for meeting specific levels of their A.R. goal. Below is a list of incentives students will receive when they meet a certain percentage of their goal! 
    • Students who meet 25% of their A.R. goal will recieve a book mark!
    • Students who meet 50% of their A.R. goal will receive a pencil!   
    •  Students who meet 75% of their A.R. goal will receive a reading wrist band!     
    • Students who meet 100% of their A.R. goal will attend the A.R. party at the end of each nine weeks. This party is themed and changes throughout the year!  

    A.R. Party Schedule for 2017-2018

    • October 19th & 20th
    • January 11th & 12th
    • April 2nd & 3rd
    • Final party date TBD
    Accelerated Reader Colors - What do they mean?
    Each Accelerated Reader book in our media center is color coded by grade level so students can easily identify their leveled book while searching for their book.  
    • Purple- Kindergarten
    • Yellow - First Grade
    • Orange - Second Grade
    • Green - Third Grade
    • Blue - Fourth Grade
    • Red - Fifth Grade
    • Pink - Sixth Grade
    Accelerated Reader Link for Home
    Renaissance Home Connect is a great tool for you to monitor your child's progress. To view your child's A.R. goal, see how many points they currently have, or see what books they have read, simply sign into the link below. The login is your child's A.R. username and password.  If you haven't logged in yet, be sure to check it out!
Last Modified on October 3, 2017