Pest Prevention & Goals

    Our goal is to maintain control of unwanted pests in our schools & facilities. Every employee plays a part in prevention of unwanted pests. Some helpful hints in this process are: cleanliness, keeping areas free from food particles and absence of exposed food will help this process. Always keep food stored in air tight containers, removal of cardboard boxes, removing trash and keeping areas clutter free will also help in maintaining the invasion of unwanted pests.

    In the event you are experiencing a problem at your site, submit a work order and you will be scheduled for pest control service. After your area has been treated you should always monitor and clean the area. Results should be seen in 7 to 10 days. If you are still experiencing a problem, submit another work order and our department will schedule you for retreatment.

    Tractor and Batwing Mowing:
    All acreage is mowed on a 10 - 14 day rotation during the growing season.

    Retention Ponds:
    All retention Ponds are mowed and treated with herbicide once a month.

    Fence Lines:
    All fence lines are treated with herbicide 2 times a year.
    Athletic Fields:
    For a schedule of treatment of all athletic fields go to the herbicide, fertilize & insecticide link.