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     In September, we had a fantastic morning with many eager volunteers!  If you missed today's orientation (and the yummy Donut King), you can access the information by clicking HERE.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at... 

    pinkstonk@lake.k12.fl.us    352-243-2433 x 4417


     How do I get Approved? 

    Click HERE to complete a Lake County Schools volunteer application.  Don't forget to contact the school when it is complete! 

    Volunteers, Please follow the following reccommendations:
    • Schedule your volunteer time with teacher/Pinkston prior to arriving
    • Volunteer hours are from 9:00-2:30 (1:30 W)
    • Sign in at the front office after 9:00
    • Dress appropriately (student dress code or better)
    • Sign out in the front office by 2:30
    • When working from home, document volunteer hours/tasks to submit to Katy Pinkston

    E-mail pinkstonK@lake.k12.fl.us if you have any questions!









Last Modified on October 19, 2018