• AR Accelerated Reader

       Groveland Elementary School participates in the  Accelerated Reader (AR) reading program.
       Many of the fiction and nonfiction books in our library have an accompanying AR test.  
       Students are able to select their books by topics of interests, readability, teacher requirement, or by just plain old enjoyment. By reading and testing, students are able to earn points and become an active participant in their own reading gains.
    To find out if a particular book has an AR test, simply click the link,  AR Book Finder, or type www.arbookfind.com into your computer  browser.  Use the link to check the titles in your home collection, as well. You just might have AR books in your home.
    AR Book Find! Spot the DOT!
       Colored stickers indicate AR books in our media center, meaning that following the reading of the material, a computerized comprehension quiz is available.  Each colored dots represents a particular reading level so that our patrons can read independently and with success on a level that is neither too easy, nor too difficult.  
       Identification stickers are placed inside the front cover of each AR book. Stickers display the test number, reading level, and available points.
         Students only reading 'on level' is not enforced, but is encouraged to ensure that learners read and comprehend with success.
           Our goal is to ensure that students love reading and that books on their topics of interest are available to them on a level that will embrace readability and achieve positive learning gains.
    Groveland's Color Guide Indicator Chart for  AR Book Levels:
    AR points and colors
       ARBookFind is a terrific tool to find AR quiz information.To discover if a book title has an Accelerated Reader quiz to go along with it, click on the following link,  http://www.arbookfind.com
       Student reading levels are determined by their teacher and/or the computerized STAR Reading Test scores.  The STAR Reading test is designed to identify the independent and instructional levels for your child so that s/he can read with comprehension and achieve confidence in reading success.
       If you do not know the reading level of your Panther, please contact your child's teacher or our media center.
      After identifying an AR book, either by the spine sticker or through the AR Book Finder computer website there is additional information available to simplify testing. On library labeled books, there is a sticker located on the inside front book cover. It shows the maximum number of points that can be earned when taking the AR test, the book title and level, and the quiz number. Any of these bits of information may be pulled up  with ease inside  the program for students that are searching for their particular quiz.  Like most testing, students must complete the assessment at school. Tests cannot be accessed at home, however information and reports are available for parental viewing.  
       If you visit the Marion Baysinger Memorial Library in Groveland, look at the books' spines: they also have indicated which books are Groveland Elementary AR books.  
       If you have any questions about our AR reading program, you can contact your child's teacher or Mrs. Shirley, our Media Specialist.  We are happy to assist you in every way possible to guide your child toward success in reading.
    Remember to attend our Family Reading Nights on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. Our library is open from 5:00-7:00 pm for these bi-monthly free events. At Groveland Family Reading Nights, your child can read and take AR tests, checkout books, participate in crafts and activities, and enjoy a special storytime. Refreshments will be  served as we celebrate reading.  Hope to see you there!
Last Modified on July 2, 2017