• Lake County Schools Pre-Implementation Logic Model Process 


    The Office of Innovation and Program Evaluation works to ensure Lake County School district programs produce a positive Return on Investment (ROI) resulting in high student achievement. As a result, the office has developed and utilizes the Pre-Implementation Process Map, Logic Model and ROI Tool as vital components of the program selection process.

    Note: It is a district expectation that the TregoEd Problem Analysis and Decision Analysis process be utilized as an initial first step in determining a specific program for selection.  The Pre-Implementation Process begins once a department or school has utilized the TregoED process and is ready to move forward with a specific program selection.

    Pre-Implementation Process Map

    The process map outlines the steps to move a desired program from the selection phase to the approval phase. This helps ensure uniformity, clarity and fidelity. The Pre-Implementation Logic Model and ROI Tool are steps within the larger process map framework.

    Pre-Implementation Logic Model Process for Program Implementation and Evaluation

    Lake County Schools has implemented a Logic Model approach for program design and evaluation. When a proposed program reaches specified thresholds this process is utilized to ensure the district maximizes resources and stakeholders in an effort to achieve desired goals. 

    The Pre-Implementation Logic Model approach addresses program selection with evaluation in mind by establishing a clear connection between the program implementation process and measureable objectives. This approach fosters the need to analyze inputs, outputs and outcomes, while considering assumptions and external factors, that have an impact on district Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and overall program success.

    The Model captures specific information in 5 key categories including:

    1. Inputs                                                                                          

    2. Outputs

    3. Outcomes

    4. Assumptions

    5. External factors

    Return on Investment (ROI) Tool

    The ROI tool facilitates the projection of comprehensive costs of a program, including direct program costs, ancillary costs, incremental costs due to the use of existing resources, and cost savings that are attributable to specific programs. The tool supports the tracking of impact evaluation against both a baseline performance level and projected targets.

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