• Citizen's Advisory Council

    The District Advisory Council, known locally as the Citizen's Advisory Council (CAC), consists of the chairperson from each of the district's School Advisory Councils (SAC) or designee,  staff from the Department of Accountability and Assessment, and the Superintendent.  The purpose of the Council is to support communication between the Superintendent, district staff and schools as well as the communities they serve.



     District 2018-19 Documentation

    District Improvement Plan (including CAC members)

        District Improvement Plan     District Improvement Plan Reflections
    District Advisory Council
  • Meetings:

    The CAC holds triannual meetings

    at the Lake County School Board Office. 


    2018-19 Calendar:

    Sept. 17- 6PM. Conference Rm. A 



    For information please contact:

    Dept. of Accountability and Assessment

    200 W. Golf Links AVe. Eustis, Fl. 32726

    P 352.483.9200

    F 352.483.9200

    E webbk@lake.k12.fl.us



  • Historical Documentation

    To access the FLDOE Continuous Improvement Management System for District Improvement resources click here.

    Citizen's Advisory Council Minutes (Previous Years)
    Attached are the Citizen's Advisory Council Minutes for the 2013-2016 school years: 
            April 2018
            Jan 2018 
            Oct 2017
          September 2016
           January 2017
           April 2017
           May 2016