• Leave Information for Employees
    Request for Absence
    A leave of absence is permission granted by the Board, or allowed under its adopted policies, for an employee to be absent from duty for specific periods of time. Leave must be officially granted in advance and shall only be used for the purposes set forth in the leave application. (Board Policy 6.50)
    When applying for a leave of absence, employees must fill out district-approved leave request form either online (electronic) or a paper form. When an employee is absent from work, the employee must be on an approved leave (i.e., using sick or vacation hours, a School Board approved leave, etc.). It is the employee's responsibility to submit the appropriate request and provide necessary documentation if needed.
    A daily absence is submitted in the Time Off module in Skyward Business Employee Access
    Request for Extended Leave
    An Extended Leave occurs when an employee is absent from work for a minimum of 11 consecutive days, regardless if paid or unpaid.  All extended leave without pay shall be without fringe benefits except as noted under Family and Medical Leave. The employee may continue insurance benefits during the leave period, when applicable, by paying the total cost of such benefits. (Board Policy 6.501)
    The Request for Extended Leave form must be completed by the employee. The completed form and appropriate documentation are to be sent to Human Resources by email at Leaves@lake.k12.fl.us. Forms and documents may also be sent via jackrabbit, mail, fax, or hand delivered; however, this may delay the approval process. 
    If you have questions regarding an Absence or Extended Leave,
    contact Human Resources at (352) 253-6530 or Leaves@lake.k12.fl.us