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    Student Highlights
    The Prevention Programs and Alternative Education Department will be using this page to showcase students who take the initiative of being leaders to promote positive prevention efforts to make a difference to the stakeholders for Lake County Schools.
    Lake County Students Joining Fight Against Bullying
    During the 2016-2017 school year, two third grade students participating in the Extended Learning Center (ELC) program at Grassy Lake Elementary made the decision to become young ambassadors of prevention. After their homework time during ELC, they decided to create a PowerPoint presentation to talk about their experiences and used it as a platform to tell other students about bullying. Once these two students leanred how to make PowerPoints, they decided to forgo their outside play time to create their first PowerPoint to capture their ongoing efforts to fight bullying. Mrs. Gomez, ELC Site Coordinator at Grassy Lake Elementary, was so proud of these two students and glad these two students were given the "opportunities to use their newly acquired skill, creativity and to share their experiences and help others." These two students did not stop there! A video was created to continue their fight to "Stand Up! Don't Stand By!" As you listen to the video, you will hear them acknowledge they are not done with their fight! They plan on continuing being ambassadors of prevention not only for bullying but for other prevention measures such as drugs. We are very proud of these two young ambassadors for taking a stand and we look forward to sharing more of their efforts to provide a safe learning environment for students in Lake County Schools.
    To view the PowerPoint and video (please note video will play automatically), please click the links below: