• Certification Renewal

    Employees currently employed with LCS must apply for renewal online with FL DOE's Bureau of Educator Certification. The FL DOE is no longer accepting paper applications. All educators must create a new online user account for access to the new VERSA system. To establish your new VERSA account click here. 
    Professional Certification Renewal Requirements

    An educator must earn the equivalent of 120 In-service points during the current validity period of the certificate. Twenty (20) of those in-service points must be in an approved Students with Disabilities (SWD) course. Click here information on an approved SWD course offered by FDLRS. 

    Current employees may view their current in-service points in Skyward. Click Here for instructions.  


    Methods of Renewal

    • In-service points: 1 hour = 1 inservice point
    • College Classes: 1 semester hour = 20 in-service points
    • Subject Area Exam: 1 passing score = 60 in-service points
    • Teach a College Class: 1 semester hour = 20 in-service points
    • A valid certificate issued by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards will renew the Florida certificate in the subject shown on the national certificate.                                  

    Note: Endorsements do not require renewal.


     Steps to Renew an Educator Certificate
    1. Establish your *NEW* Versa ccount. Click here and then select 'Begin Here for Sign-up'. For instructions on using the new Bureau of Educator Certification Online Licensing Service, click here.
    2. Complete the online renewal application.  Please make sure you indicate #35-LAKE as your distriction affiliation. Click here for additional help with the renewal application.
    3.  Submit renewal fee to Human Resources. 
    • If you are a current LCS employee and are applying to renew a currently valid Professional Certificate (with one subject or more than one subject), the application fee is $75.
        Click to complete a MySchoolBucks payment
    Once your certificate has been renewed, you will receive an email from FL DOE that will provide you with a copy of your renewed certificate. 

    Review the Recertification FAQ section for additional information regarding renewal requirements.
    If you have additional questions regarding the renewal process, please email:  Certification@lake.k12.fl.us.