Cadets Engage Real World Skills



Degrees and Certifications:

Cadets Engage Real World Skills

Training - Your Cadet will learn skills required to lead, as well as follow, in multiple situations, and environments.  Cadets will learn to master their strengths, and be informed of their weaknesses, and learn to acknowledge when to inquire assistance from their teammates.

Education - All Cadets will be exposed to the requirements for being accepted to one of the military academies.  This process is just a guide for the Cadets to have a standard baseline to achieve until a time where the Cadet makes it known that they have their own secondary education choice in mind.

Adventure - With safety in mind, we will make every effort to participate in multiple events during the school year.  Examples of ideas we are discussing at this time, road marching, Unit Olympics, Orienteering, Intramurals, Aquatic Exercise, Log Drills, Obstacle Courses, Guerrilla Exercises, Grass Drills, and Field Training Exercises (FTX).

Money - The bottom line up front is every Cadet will become familiar with the value of the dollar.  Some class discussions will include but not limited to, minimum wage, economics, taxes, incomes based on career choice, and making a budget.

Service - One of the Core ideas of being a productive citizen is every member of the society giving back in some way, shape, or form, to make the community a better place for future generations.  This topic will be researched, and defined, as the class becomes more aware of global citizenship, and what we can do to be better members of society.