• The Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) Diploma is an international curriculum and examination system that emphasizes the value of broad and balanced study. Alongside in-depth understanding of a variety of subjects, students also need to master a broader range of skills critical for success in university study and employment. 


    The Cambridge AICE Diploma was first awarded in 1997 and has since become popular with a range of schools in different parts of the world. It encompasses the ‘gold standard’ Cambridge International AS and A Level qualifications, and offers students the opportunity to tailor their studies to their individual interests, abilities and future plans within an international curriculum framework.



    At Leesburg High School, the Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) program, developed by Cambridge University, provides a high-quality academic curriculum which prepares students for post-secondary education while offering students the opportunity to tailor their studies to their individual interests, skills and future goals. 





    • AICE courses and examinations are equivalent to first-year college and university courses 
    • Students who pass an AICE Exam can receive college credit in that curriculum area. College Recognition in the State of Florida is guaranteed by the Florida Department of Education 
    • Students who pass seven examinations are awarded the AICE Diploma Award directly by the University of Cambridge. 
    • AICE and Pre-AICE teachers at Leesburg High School are trained and certified directly by University of Cambridge staff. Each of the courses strictly follows a course syllabus that is designed by Cambridge professors.
    • AICE students are eligible for the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship. Students who pass seven AICE exams and earn the AICE Diploma Award are GUARANTEED the Florida Bright Futures Academic Scholar Award (must complete the 100 volunteer hour requirement).
    • The AICE program of study at LHS offers students one of the most demanding and rigorous college preparatory programs in the world. The State of Florida Universities and the Bright Futures Scholarship Program each award one extra quality point for students who successfully complete an AICE course with a "C" or better.




    • The Cambridge AICE Diploma Award is a group certificate which requires students to study a compulsory core subject, Cambridge AS Level Global Perspectives & Research, with Cambridge AS and A Level subjects drawn from three curriculum areas: Mathematics and Science (Group 1), Languages (Group 2), and Arts and Humanities (Group 3). There is the option to study interdisciplinary and skills-based subjects (Group 4).
    • To achieve the Cambridge AICE Diploma Award, students must achieve a minimum of seven credits (including Cambridge International AS Level Global Perspectives & Research) from subject groups 1, 2, and 3 (and optionally Group 4) to be awarded the Diploma Award. Students must achieve at least one credit from each of Groups 1, 2 and 3. The remaining credits can come from any of the groups. A maximum of two credits can count from Group 4. A Cambridge International AS Level is awarded one credit, and a Cambridge International A Level is awarded two credits
















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