• What is Advanced Placement?


    The Advanced Placement (AP) program, administered by the College Board, consists of college-level courses referred to as AP courses. AP courses are rigorous high school courses that may count for college credit, in addition to high school credit, upon successful completion of the appropriate AP exam.


    What are some of the benefits for students who take at least one AP course?


    • AP brings the college experience to high schools with the opportunity for students to earn college credit at thousands of universities. Students may earn college credit by completing an AP course and scoring a minimum of 3, on a 5-point scale, on the corresponding AP examination administered in May.
    • AP students build confidence and learn the essential time-management and study skills needed for college and career success.
    • When college admissions officers see “AP” on a student’s transcript, they recognize what students experienced in a particular class has prepared them well for the challenges of college.


    What are the prerequisites for students to be successful in taking AP courses?


    • AP courses are for students who are academically prepared and motivated to take on college-level courses. Students should be willing to work hard.
    • Some AP classes have recommended courses students should take first.
    • Students should talk with a counselor or teacher regarding the specific subject areas or courses that interest them.




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