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    What is AR?
    Students in K-5th grade participate in our school's Accelerated Reader (AR) program throughout the school year. Students read AR books and then take a computer quiz on the book.  This program provides the teacher with valuable insight as to how well a student is understanding what he/she has read and also provides a reading incentive.
    Do ALL books have an AR quiz?
    Most books have an AR quiz since we have upgraded to the Web-based version of AR - Renaissance Place.  To be sure that there is a quiz on a book, you are encouraged to look for the book on AR BookfindIf you are hoping to earn AR points, please consult the list before reading a book from home or public library.  Note: Many books have been made into movies, but the AR test is created to ensure that the student has read the book and not just seen the movie.
    Can my child take an AR test from our home computer?
    After reading the book, the student takes a quiz on the AR program located on the computers at school.  Tests must be taken on our school's computers since the program is located on our school's server. 
    How can I track my student's progress in the AR program?
    Your child's classroom teacher is the best resource to track student progress, but you may also want to create an account for Renaissance Place Home Connect. This program can notify you when your child takes a quiz and will provide other information regarding his/her progress in the program.  Click here to go to Renaisannce Place Home Connect.  *You will need your child's AR login info.
    How many points does my child need to earn?
    Students are provided with a goal of a certain number of points per grading period. This point goal is based on the student's personal reading level according to the STAR reading assessment and amount of time your child should spend reading every day.  Books are worth a certain amount of points based on reading level. 
    What AR level books should my child read?
    In the media center, we always try to pair the "just right" book with each student.  Even if a student is capable of reading the words in a book at a much higher level than their grade, some fiction books are better appreciated when a student is more mature and better able understand and relate to the storyline. (For example, the very popular "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series is reserved for circulation to 3rd grade and up)  If your child is an advanced reader, non fiction books on a higher level are suggested.
    Books are labeled with colored dots for quick reference. However, these dots are just a guide and we ask the students to always read the first page and use the five finger rule before they check out a book.
    Yellow Dot Book Level 0.5-1.9 (generally K, First, beginning 2nd grade)
    Blue Dot Book Level 2.0-2.9 (generally end of 1st, 2nd, beginning 3rd)
    Orange Dot Book Level 3.0-3.9 (generally some 2nd graders, 3rd, 4th, 5th as some
                                                 SSYRA books fall in this level)
    Red Dot Book Level 4.0-4.9 (generally 3rd, 4th, 5th grade appropriate)
    Black Dot Book Level 5.0-5.9 (generally 4th and 5th grade appropriate)
    Green Dot Book Level 6.0 and higher (generally 5th grade appropriate) 
    When can my student check out books and take AR quizzes?
    Students may exchange books during their media time or between 8:15-8:35am. Parents are always welcome to come in before school 8-8:35am or after school 3-3:30pm to assist their child with choosing a book. In addition, the media center is open from 3:30-5PM on Monday's when school is in session.
    What do students earn for reading all these AR books and meeting the AR goal?
    In an effort to reward reading with the joy of more reading, students who have met their individual AR goals at the end of each grading period may receive a FREE book sponsored by the media center. Teachers may or may not have additional rewards for students who have met their goal.
    Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade students are encouraged to get some of their AR points by reading the Sunshine State Young Reader Award books.
    Still have questions? Click here to email Trish Purdham, Media Specialist.
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Last Modified on June 22, 2016