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The total Proposed Millage Rate for 2024 is 6.206 Mills.  It includes the Required Local Effort Millage of 3.2080 Mills, a Discretionary Millage of .7480, a Voter Approved Millage .7500, and a Capital Outlay Millage of 1.5 Mills.  The Required Local Effort Millage is set by the State, while all others are levied at the discretion of the Board.


The School Taxable Value is based on property values set by the Lake County Property Appraiser. For the 2024 fiscal year, the School Taxable Value is $39.6 Billion Dollars.  The increase in School Taxable Value is from new construction and rising values on existing property.  





Although the increase in School Taxable Value has resulted in a rise in Local Tax Revenue, the new homes contributing to the rise in School Taxable Value also increase the number of students enrolled in our District.  This graph shows the Revenue from Local Taxes per Student.

Blue Banner with Local Millage Tax

Historic Millage Rates

School Taxable Values in $Billions

Local Revenue Per Student