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Internal Account Forms

The Activity Account Budget Report form is used to list all planned revenue and expense incurred during the school year in an individual account.
The Activity Account Transfer form is used to account for money taken from one account and deposited into another.
The Request for Refund form is used to reimburse a parent or student for costs incurred and not used such as refund of a lost or damaged textbook, library book, yearbook, fieldtrip, etc.
The School Store Inventory and Profit/Loss Statement form is used to track the School Store inventory for the year and to determine if the School Store made a profit or sustained a loss.
The Ticket Control Sheet form is used to account for all tickets used for a sporting and social events for the school year.
The Unclaimed Property Report form is used to track any check written and not cashed from Internal Accounts within the calendar year.  This form along with the check is forwarded every March 31st to Finance for processing. 
The Yearbook Financial Distribution Report form is a two (2) page form used to track the number of yearbooks sold, revenue taken in from sales of the yearbook and all expenses incurred to produce the yearbook.  Page two (2) accounts for the distribution process of yearbooks.
Any questions relating to these forms should be directed to
Gayle Sikkema Senior Accounting Specialist
Jani Ness, Senior Accounting Specialist