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District Investment Policy

Lake County Schools Investment Program
Working Hand in Hand to Safeguard our District's Assests

 The purpose of the District Investment Policy is to set forth the investment objectives and parameters for the management of public funds of the School Board of Lake County, Florida (hereinafter "Board").  These policies are designed to ensure the prudent management of public funds, the availability of operating and capital funds when needed and an investment return competitive with comparable funds and financial market indices.

In accordance with Section 218.415, Florida Statues, this investment policy applies to all cash and investments held or controlled by the Board with the exception of Pension funds and funds related to the issuance of debt where there are other existing policies or indentures in effect for such funds.  Funds held by state agencies (e.g., Department of Education) are not subject to the provisions of this policy.

The Investment Objectives include:
1.  Safety of Principal
2.  Maintenance of Liquidity
3.  Return on Investment