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Connie Auld, Payroll Manager
Main # (352) 253-6580
Fax # (352) 253-6589
Areas of Responsibility:
District-Wide Payroll Calculations, Direct Deposit, Wage Reporting for the FL Retirement System & Unemployment, Non-Insurance Deductions & Remittance, Tax Reporting, Retroactive Payments, Wage Garnishments, Wage Verification Reporting & Employee Terminal Leave

Important Employee Notice

10 and 11 Month Employees electing the 24 Summer Pay Option:

We are processing the Summer Pay Option pays the week of June 15th .  We would like to remind 10 and 11 month employees:

If you are anticipating a bank change, you must have your new Direct Deposit Authorization Form to the Payroll Department by 6/12/2020 in order for the bank change to take place for your Summer Pays.  The bank we have on record as of 6/12 will be where your Summer Pays will be deposited.

If you make a bank change after 6/12/2020, do not close your “old” bank account as this will be where your Summer Pays will be deposited.

Since we will be processing the Summer Pay Option pays (10 and 11 month employees) the week of June 15th , some of you may notice pays dated 7/15, 7/31, and/or 8/14 showing in Employee Access before the 6/30 pay is processed; this is normal.  We will process the 6/30 pay at the end of June, you will not miss your 6/30 pay.

12 Month Employees:

This does not affect 12 month employees: we will process your pays on the regular pay dates and Direct Deposit changes can submitted throughout the summer for this group only.