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Payroll Forms

This form is used to donate sick leave time to a parent, child, spouse, brother or sister. In-law relationships are not  included as family members in the  policy. The donor must keep a balance of at least 10 days of sick leave. Sick leave must be used immediately upon donation. 

 Overtime/Comp Time Record Report

 Payroll Time Sheets 2020-2021

 Payroll To and From Pay Dates 2020-2021

 Payroll Cutoff & Due Dates 2020-2021  *Revised

 Pay Dates 2020-2021

 Account Adjustment Request Form EXCEL  *New

 Account Adjustment Request Form PDF  *New

 Payroll Reporting Form EXCEL  *New

 Request to Change Sub Acct Distribution

 Submission of Payroll Reporting Forms  *New

 Substitute Account Adjustment Form EXCEL  *New

 Substitute Account Adjustment Form PDF  *New

 W-4 Form (2021) *New

Please note if you have any questions about the 2020 W-4 Form, you will need to contact your Tax Accountant or the IRS Directly at
This form is required when you set up a new 403(B) deduction, change a 403(B) deduction or stop a 403(B) deduction 
403(B) deductions are also known as Tax Sheltered Annuities
Archived Payroll Forms
Basic Payroll Support Documents

 Understanding your W-2

 W2: Request for Duplicate Copy

 ****PLEASE READ*****

Active school board employees must reprint their own W2s for 2018 from Skyward Employee Access. The Payroll Department will not reprint the form for you. 


Skyward Guides for Payroll Functions

 Skyward Employee Access provides staff 24 hour access to their Payroll and HR Information
 Instructions for staff to view their own hourly rate of pay
 The Skyward Time Off Module allows staff to view their accumulated leave and request  Vacation, Personal and Sick Leave as needed
 Removing and/or Changing a Leave Request 

 -A special thank you to our Information Technology Staff for creating the Skyward Tutorial Documents