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Our Goal and Mission

The Goal of the Lake County Schools Risk Management Department is to provide great customer service to everyone we serve - whether it is meeting with the public, business partners, or our over 6,000 employees. Our service should be exemplary. 

To protect the assets of the Lake County School Board, both human and financial.  This is accomplished through a process of risk identification, risk assessment, and implementation of appropriate control measures.  Additional objectives of the process include avoiding, minimizing, or transferring risk through safety and loss control processes, wellness initiatives, and various insurance products.   


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Director, Risk Management 

Robert Oyer, ARM



Fiscal Assistant

Diane Lingerfelt 
Facility Use, Fund Raising, Student Accident Reports

Building Code Compliance

Building Code Official
Shawn Towers
Building Permit Specialist
Tabitha Koneski
Inspectors-Code Compliance
Scott Andrews
Ariel Deleon
Jacques Racette
Health & Safety Officer
Joey Graham
Health & Safety Officer
Antonio Peace

Claims Management

Claims Management Specialist
Betsy Perez
Worker's Compensation, General Auto & Liability Claims


Benefits Manager
Marisol Santiago
Benefits Specialist
Amy Cannon
Benefits Specialist
 K im Surratt


Mitigation Manager
James ONeil
352-910-6328 - Cell
Michael Keen
Loss Control Officer
Bill Eubanks

Accident Insurance for Students

In an effort to provide a safe educational environment for all students and student athletes, the School Board of Lake County has purchased excess casualty insurance for all students.  This product provides secondary coverage (in excess of personal health insurance plans) designed to offset out of pocket costs in the event of an injury.  This coverage is in effect during school time and all school activities (with the exception of Football).  

The student accident insurance may be voluntarily upgraded to include 24-hour coverage (including non-school related activities) and/or Football.  


Building Code Compliance

Building Code Compliance is responsible for the plan reviews, permit issuance for construction, and maintenance regardless of size and cost of projects and inspections to determine compliance with the Florida Building Codes, Florida Fire Preventive Codes, State Requirements for Educational Facilities (SREF), Florida Statutes, and Florida Administrative Codes pertaining to construction of all LCS educational and ancillary facilities.

Annual Comprehensive Facility Inspections

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Employee Insurance Benefits

We believe it is important to be well informed, especially with something as important as your healthcare and are pleased to offer you beneficial health insurance plans and supplemental insurance products.

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Facility Use / Rentals

Reservations must be made a minimum of 5 days in advance of the requested event.  Payment and Insurance must be submitted no later than 5 days prior to your approved event date.  Submit all payments and proof of insurance through Facilitron.

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Field Trip Information

The Field Trip Manual offers plenty of helpful information for schools and parents.   Chaperone responsibilities are outlined in the manual as well as form requirements, administrator responsibilities, etc.  Please click the active link, below, to read the Field Trip Manual in its entirety.

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Incident & Accident Forms

Inclement Weather 

The Lake County School District is committed to protecting the health and safety of our students and staff. We provide various opportunities for outdoor physical activities before, during, and after school. These guidelines are meant to provide a decision making structure to promote student and staff safety when local weather may be harmful.


Inspection & School Forms


Monthly Inspection Forms

Submit completed forms to

Completed Service Line forms shoudl be submitted to Food Services, Attention Linda Milliken at


Plans & Manuals


Workers' Compensation

It is very important to follow the proper steps when filing a Workers' Compensation claim.   Our provider information is listed below and please contact us if you have any questions. 

Additional Resources  

Workers' Compensation Inquiries:

Betsey Perez, Claims Specialist  |   352-253-6665 Office  | 352-253-6674 Fax  | 

CCMSI  | 2600 Lake Lucien Drive, Ste 225  | Maitland, FL 32751  | 1-866-291-0194


Workplace Safety

Hazardous Waste 

The Lake County School Board has established Hazardous Waste Management and Communication Programs in accordance with all local, state, and federal regulations.  Please see the programs below for more detail, as well as information on spill control and hazardous waste pick-up.


Indoor Air Quality 

If you have an Indoor Air Quality concern in your work space, please read and complete the corrective action plan in the document below.   Please conduct all local corrective actions before placing a work order.



Lake County Schools' employees have many training requirements.  While most of the required training is completed during in-service sessions, not all employees are able to attend.  Mid-year hires also miss out on these training opportunities.  In order to facilitate additional training opportunities, TargetSolutions is offering many of these classes online (see catalog).


Workplace Safety Committee 

The Lake County School Board is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for all employees and students.  This is accomplished by promoting a culture of safety.  Safety is everyone's responsibility.  A strong culture of safety can be achieved by identifying unsafe conditions or behaviors and taking immediate action to correct them.