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2021-2022 Open Enrollment


Open Enrollment closed Monday, May 24, 2021 at 11:59pm

Having benefits is very important to all of our employees and their families and the reason for our constant outreach and communication that we did this year with our employees which included the four options to enroll.  Employees had the opportunity to self-enroll via the computer or mobile app, schedule an appointment for a virtual meeting with an Explain My Benefits Enrollment Counselor or by calling Explain My Benefits and completing their enrollment over the telephone from May 10th to May 24th.

It is important to understand the reasons we have a set “open enrollment period.” Lake County Schools is required to set an “open enrollment deadline” each year in order for us to meet the requirements of our benefit plan document and helps us to keep our premiums as low as possible for our employees and their families. This is very important to all of our employees (and their families) as we navigate the current situations for our employees and their families.

Thank you.


Retirees, please click here to learn more about your Open Enrollment opportunities.


COBRA participants, click here to learn more about your Open Enrollment opportunities.


2021-2022 Benefits Guidebook

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Voluntary Benefits are designed to provide additional cash flow to assist with out of pocket medical cost and other bills based on individual concerns and needs.

  • Ownership - Policies are fully portable and belong to you if your leave your employer
  • Benefits are paid directly to you, not to a hospital or to a doctor
  • Benefits are completely separate from medical insurance, and paid regardless of other coverage.
  • Special Underwriting - (Guaranteed Acceptance) Health questions WAIVED on all plans! During your initial enrollment only!

Qualified Life Events

Layoff, Furlough and Loss of coverage.  If you or a covered spouse/dependent is experiencing a loss of coverage during this time, you may be able to make changes to your benefits enrollment NOW.  Please contact immediately as a qualified life event only lasts 30 days. 

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