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Health & Wellness Centers (CAREHERE)

The Health and Wellness Centers are available to employees and their dependents (12 and older) who are currently covered through the health insurance plan with Lake County School District.

Remember! Due to IRS guidelines, if you participate in the High Deductible Health Plan Option AND have an HSA elected, you will be required to pay a $25.00 copay until your deductible is met. You are required to sign a payroll deduction authorization form at the time of your visit when you utilize the CareHere facilities.


AVAILABLE NOW! Connect with your CareHere Health & Wellness Team with PHONE and VIDEO appointments.

Look for schedules with TeleVisit Available when making an appointment.

Scheduling a Televisit  

• Updated guidelines have been released by the CDC regarding symptom-based return to work requirements for healthcare workers. To decrease asymptomatic and post-illness transmission of the COVID-19 virus, new evidence supports the following:

• Worker must be free of fever without use of fever reducing medication for at least 24 hours and

• At least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared and

• Symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath) have improved.

• Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has changed a lot about how we seek care. While making a TeleVisit appointment is still an option, we want to let you and your employees know that we’re open – and that it’s safe to seek care in person, too.

• Masks are designed to safeguard others, not the wearer. The basic logic is: I protect you, and you protect me. CareHere and the CDC recommend masks for all persons when out in public.

• The Path Back: Providing Your Employees Assurance. The eToolkit provides an overview of key considerations for developing your organizational plan for workplace re-entry. It will help guide discussions, set goals and craft decisions to the path back with a multi-faceted, phased approach to safe workforce re-entry.

• Please connect with your DCS to review the best strategies to meet your annual employee wellness incentive plans. Annual Health Assessments (AHA) can be completed in our health centers with a visit for a blood draw and a follow up visit either face-to-face or through TeleVisit.

• Per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations, CareHere has activated TeleVisits for patients with coronavirus symptoms. Patients with symptoms of fever, shortness of breath, and/or cough, should not enter the health center. These patients should schedule a TeleVisit. This CDC directive protects you, other patients and healthcare professionals. These CDC guidelines prevent contamination and potential closure of the health center.

Scheduling a Televisit  

• CareHere will offer on-site testing at our health centers when supplies are available. CareHere will continue to assist our high-risk and symptomatic patients to locate alternate COVID-19 testing sites when needed.



Access Code. CODE FCSD3


Registration Instructions

Personal (not work) email addresses are required to register. If you do not have an email address, please call CareHere at 877-423-1330.

New Users - First Time Registration-Please do not register again if you have already previously registered. However, each eligible dependent must register separately.

1. Use your home or office computer that is connected to the Internet. Enter in the website address box of the Internet Explorer

2. Click Members Only 

3. Click I need to register for the first time with my Access Code. CODE FCSD3, then click GO.

4. Consent page - Please review the consent form. If you agree, check I agree.                                                                                  
5. Identification – Please enter the following: 

      a. Your Social Security number

      b. Your Birth date

      c. Create a Username for yourself (The system will check to make certain no one else has the same username or password.)

      d. Create a password for yourself

      e. Your email address 

6. Contact page – Review all the fields and enter or update the appropriate information.

7. Health page – Skip any field for which you do not know the answer.

8. Email Confirmation – A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided. 

9. Thank you. You are finished! You may now log in as a Member by clicking the Go to Login Page.button.

Feeling Overwhelmed? 
CareHere Connect is here. Easy to Understand--Helps you focus on achievable goals--Connects you to a certified health coach!

Work through at your own pace! Read an informational pamphlet, watch a video, take a quiz and make your appointment with a health coach to review your next steps!

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