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SurgeryPlus is available to you RIGHT NOW!

This benefit is part of your medical insurance benefits. 

SurgeryPlus is an additional medical benefit that provides you with access to excellent and affordable care for many planned surgical procedures. 

SurgeryPlus covers the most expensive costs associated with your surgery so you don’t have to.  Employees enrolled in LCS Florida Blue health insurance plans are automatically enrolled in SurgeryPlus and will receive a packet in the mail.

SurgeryPlus will:

· Assign a personal care advocate who offers one-on-one guidance and support as you prepare for, undergo and recover from surgery.

· Connect you with top-ranked, board certified trained surgeons near you.

· Facilitate and consolidate payments.  SurgeryPlus negotiates all costs before the surgery, so you  pay less for your procedure when using your SurgeryPlus benefit.


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This voluntary benefit is up to you to take advantage of the services.