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Insurance Premiums

Premiums Valid for Plan Year 2023-2024

All insurance premiums are paid per paycheck (twice per month) for 20 payroll periods per plan year beginning August 31st ending June 15.  New employees and those who have added coverage after the start of the plan year will see one-time insurance premium adjustments.  


Active, Retiree and COBRA

Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance 



Life Insurance - Employee  

Life Insurance - Spouse and Child

Long Term Disability 




Effective Dates 

Medical/Health insurance effective dates are based on your date of hire into a benefits eligible position.  
A 60-day waiting period is applicable with insurance becoming effective the first of the month following the waiting period. 
Example: New Employee starts new job on August 5. The 60-day waiting period is August 5-October 30. Insurance becomes effective November 1.
Premiums Valid for Plan Year 2022-2023 Please Note! ACTIVE employee premiums are PER PAYCHECK  deductions.

Active Employees